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Bug in WP Metal 1.3 ... Top Menu


  • sbiar started the conversation

    Hi. Sound Proof Glazing (https://www.soundproofglazing.com.au) have the Zozo Metal 1.3.0. They have parted ways with their former developer, so I cannot determine if they have a purchase code.

    Nevertheless, the top menu & mobile menu for this theme on this site has added the "Menu Item" "Title Attribute" to the class for the the "span" element before the menu item link text ... Ie. in the following code ... the link has a title attribute of "Double Glazed Horizontal Slider Windows", which is repeated in the class attribute of the span element ie. class="glyphicon Double Glazed Horizontal Slider Windows"

    <a title="Double Glazed Horizontal Slider Windows" href="https://www.soundproofglazing.com.au/horizontal-slider/" class="external-link"><span class="glyphicon Double Glazed Horizontal Slider Windows"></span> Horizontal Slider</a>

    Can you tell me where to fix that code?

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    ZOZO replied


    May I know your purchase code of theme ?