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Add Another Social Links


  • Kaydarin started the conversation

    I can see there are major social media site linking feature located in the Social tab within the Theme Option tab menu. How can I add another social links such as tagged.com & Whatsapp along with its icons? I cannot find any field to add another social links.

    The current demo I'm using for this theme is The Classic.

    I hope you can assist me. Thank you.

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    ZOZO replied

    Hi Kay,

       Sorry for delay, there is no option in theme. We have to code manually to add those features for social media.It take little time and small budget..   



  • Kaydarin replied

    Alright, thank you.

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    ZOZO replied

    can we do with little budget? as i need to pay for developer this one... 

  • Kaydarin replied

    How much will it be? Because I need to charge my client for any recurring costs. And the decision will depends on my client agreement.